Sears, Cancer and the flu.

The Flu

This story just keeps getting better.

Our trips to the laundromat were annoying, but some of our neighbors had pitched in and were letting us use their machines.

Unfortunately, the boys caught the flu. The kind of flu that sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. The kind of flu that sends you running for the toilet, but stops you at the bath mat. Splash! Toilet missed. Bath mat hit. Laundromat. Sears sucks.

We arranged to have Sears try to come out after part #4 arrives. Right now we’re looking at December 4th. One month after this thing broke. One month!

My wife and I have taken an almost zen like approach our friends at Sears. She’s done yelling, because it’s not doing any good. I’ve come to realize that Sears in kind of like a “differently abled” little kid. He’s not good at things, but he tries. You want to be mad at him, but you remember he’s Sears. Sears sucks and there’s nothing he can do about it. Poor little guy.


9 Responses to “Sears, Cancer and the flu.”

  1. Mike Says:

    A stomach virus is not “the flu” and there is no such thing as “stomach flu” (although I have heard some doctors use this term as a way of dumbing down gastroenteritis for their patients). “Flu” is short for “influenza” which is a respiratory virus. It can sometimes lead to vomiting, especially in children but is always accompanied by respiratory symptoms, chills, fever, aches, etc.

    Sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves.

  2. michael Says:

    I can relate to your ordeal. My daughter who was threes months at the time, had the flu and our GE washer broke. It was then that I learned the three appliances I purchased the washer never received the extended warranty. I went to the store and the fat slob that sold me the appliances was nohing Sears I asked about the lemon clause and he said it only applies to recalls. I was not happy and told him I was taking my business elsewhere he seemed fine with that. I got another washer at best buy and then filed a complaint with corporate after a suggestion. From a friend. The escallation rep informed the salesperson was wrong and this would be a five minute fix since I had a serclvice aggeeement with my other appliances. Problem is I no longer have the old washer and Sears does not provide refeunds! I HATE SEARS!! Theft by deception is what happened here and I have spent over 20k with this company.

  3. 00000000000000000 Says:

    I share your sentiments. I’m a sears employee and I live the horror stories. simply said, sears/kmart needs to go away. The great eddie (Eddie Lampert) has intentionally run the company in the ground only to add to his $3 billion bank account. That’s right $3 billion. He needs to feel it where it hurts – bankruptcy! I and the other techs haven’t received a raise.not even COLA. we are issued broken down vans, no parts, no training, and flat out unqualified incompetent managers who literally work for free. it would a breathe of fresh air to look for a new job, while collecting unemployment. let’s all shop else where and show eddie where to stick it!!

  4. george koehler Says:

    im a service tec in tampa fl i am dealing with lung cancer, i asked my manager if i could cut down to 2 to three days a week for the next 6 mounths, at first i got a yes until i was told i was being let go. after 13 years i now know sears does not have its employee backs. will be done as of 6/26/2018

    • tvbrain Says:

      Sorry man. The place I was working when I created this blog let me go at the end of my contract.

    • Robert Says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. But they are notorious for that practice. We had a tech in Utah with a similar condition. They simply let him go – no benefits. Lambert and his henchmen are a real piece of work.

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