Wash This

When you sell someone a major appliance, that appliance becomes a part of their lives. It’s the reason manufacturers and retailers can make those commercials showing how wonderful life is once you’ve brought their products into your home. Warm hues, piano music, happy people. Isn’t life great?


November was going to be a tough month for me. On Monday, November 6th, I was scheduled to have surgery to remove all of the lymph nodes from my neck. Thyroid cancer, which had first appeared 10 years ago, was back with a vengeance. So when our Kenmore washer failed on Friday November 3rd, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Because of cancer? No, because this thing stopped working 5 days after the one-year parts & service warranty expired. On Saturday I scheduled a service call for Wednesday – the day after I would be returning home from the hospital. No better way to insure that someone would be home during the 4 hour window Sears promised.

Well my surgery became 2 surgeries, so I wasn’t home for the repair person. My wife and father took the call. Surprise, surprise. He did not have the parts to fix it. He ordered them and tried to make another appointment for the 20th. Wife & Dad, said, “How about the 14th instead.”

The parts arrived the next day. They sat in the house waiting for the next service call. There’s nothing like needing care from your family while they instead have to keep running to the laundromat. Sears Sucks.

Well, the 14th arrived but Sears didn’t. They claim they attempted to call to tell me that they had an emergency. I have cancer, I was home. There was no call. I called them after 5:00 and all they could do was promise me a visit in two days. Sears Sucks.

Well on Thursday, the men who had promised to arrive on Tuesday showed up. Three men for this job. After about 30 minutes, one of them asked me, “Are these all the parts?” As if I was hiding one of them for my appliance part collection. Oh, and there’s no happy ending after he asks you a question about parts. Part #4 is backordered. (Backordered… backordered… backordered… fancy echo effect.)



33 Responses to “Wash This”

  1. Darlene Eager Says:

    Scheduled for sears to come and do a tune up to my riding mower. Of coarse it was between 8-5 so we can be tied up for the entire day. I was quoted $199,900 for the tuneup including parts. The representative was very specific on what it included: full tuneup with parts, included spark plugs, new blades ect. 10 min. before the appointment, the repair man called to let me know that the price would now be $350.00 or more if I wanted this service. I told him to come since I wanted to see what he would do. he said I only needed the blades changed and wanted to charge me $210.00!!! with no tuneup. You are right. I will NEVER deal with sears again. They should be fined for all their customer complaints. I will make sure to tell everyone I know, NOT TO DEAL WITH SEARS!!!!

    • Sears Hometown Employee Says:

      Ms. Darlene,
      Had you purchased the protection agreement that the associate asked if you were interested in purchasing, to which I’m sure you said something along the lines of “it comes with a warranty, right?”, you wouldn’t have had to pay a dime to get your tractor serviced, the only thing you would pay for we’re new blades.

      It’s my personal opinion, that if youre going to spend $1500 or so on something that could potentially cost several hundred dollars to fix 1 problem once, why be cheap and not spend a couple hundred dollars at the time of the purchase to ensure your products safety? You have health and life insurance in case something happens to you right? And I’m sure you pay more than what your PA would’ve cost, 12 times a year for several years instead of paying once for 3 or 5 years.

      PA’s are a gooooooood thing to buy at sears, trust me.

      • Jason the Saj Says:

        Why be cheap?

        Because big box stores like Sears/Best Buy, want you to pay 25%-40% more than the purchase price to get a warranty that usually adds a mere one year (sometimes rarely two) onto the existing warranty.

        But what happens then?

        My mom bought a refrigerator from Best Buy. She bought the extended warranty. The refrigerator did not work properly, either the fridge froze or the freezer melted. They sent out a repair guy, but it didn’t resolve the issue. They sent him out again. Still didn’t resolve the issue. They refused to resolve or replace her unit. She was flat out told it was a poor design. (Ironically, the exact same refrigerator is on the tenant’s second floor unit and has no problems.)

        She complained to Best Buy that her refrigerator wasn’t working right. And that they were refusing to fix it. The response Best Buy gave her, the extended warranties we sell are 3rd party warranties and not our responsibility. You need to talk to the warranty company. And Best Buy refused to replace her unit. She is still stuck with the POS to this day.

        So please, please tell me oh paid shrill how paying an extra 40% over the purchase price for an extra year or two of warranty would really have made anything better.

      • clarisse carrasco Says:

        Wow, seriously, “why be cheap”?? Your “personal opinion?” As an employee of Sears, you are NOT being paid to offer your personal opinion, NOR were you asked for it. Your response was out of order on so many levels and had you been an employee of MINE I would have shown you the door! Perhaps inquiring as to whether the customer was offered or made aware of the service agreement that was available that may have helped avoid extra repair costs, would have been a more amiable way of responding to this customer . By assuming what the customer’s response “more than likely” would have been when, or if, offered the agreement, was presumptuous on your part and condescending as well. Shame on you for NOT helping this customer and in my PERSONAL OPINION you should have been fired. Employees such as yourself is one of the reasons Sears has such a bad rep…

  2. searscares Says:

    Dear Sears Customers,

    It is disappointing to read about the problems you have experienced with Sears. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with resolving any issues you are experiencing. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. Please feel free to contact us via email at searscares@searshc.com with any issues, questions, experiences you may have. Please provide a contact phone number and a brief explanation of the situation and we will contact you at your convenience.

    Thank you,
    David V.
    Senior Case Manager

    • Jason the Saj Says:

      Sears doesn’t care….

      Sears is a company that will send servicement until your warranty is up. And when the problem persists, will simply say there is nothing they can do because your warranty is expired.

      Well there is….you can send a representative to meet me in small claims court. Congratulations Sears.

    • clarisse carrasco Says:

      Now THIS response is more like what is expected of a good, awesome employee!! Good job David!!

  3. Sarah Emami Says:

    Sears appliance delivery is the absolute worst. We ordered an Electrolux washer/dryer set 6 weeks ago. The first delivery date we set we explicitly told them the washer/dryer had to be delivered before 4 pm due to our condo. They said of course while they were taking the money, then scheduled the delivery to be between 7 pm and 9 pm. So we scheduled the delivery the next week, the guys came out, then left because we didn’t have a “stacker kit” that we were never told about.

    So we scheduled AGAIN the week after, which was today. The delivery men were totally rude, then I’m pretty sure they messed up the washer installation, because when they turned it on, it didn’t work. This was a brand-new washer, and the code it had on the digital display was E 42, which said in the manual that it was installed improperly. The delivery men wouldn’t check their work, were completely rude, and said I had to call Sears customer service, because all they do is deliver. I thought I paid for installation as well as delivery, it was 60 bucks. 😦 Sears is the worst business I’ve had the misfortune to deal with.

    • clarisse carrasco Says:

      I too have experienced paying for delivery that included an extra charge to have the set up included! My problem was a livingroom set though. But either way, you pay for the job to be done a certain way and rightfully expect it to be done!

  4. Unsatisfied Says:

    I purchased 4 Michelin tires from your auto motive dept. here in Modesto Ca. Vintage Faire Mall. I thought I was getting a deal they were about $150. Less than a local dealer plus it included alignment. My new tires were installed and the alignment was also done. I was handed a print out of the alignment results I put them in my glove box and drove away very satisfied with my purchase. As I drove away I notice that my steering wheel was vibrating at approximately 65mph and my truck was pulling right. When I got home I looked at my print out and noticed that several of my alignment specifications were out of spec. I called sears and spoke with a manager and he said to bring it back and they would look at it. They found that both the balancing and alignment where not done correctly. I waited another 2hrs for them to correct their mistakes. That was the beginning of my nightmare with my local Sears Auto dept. The second time in I was going to get a simple tire rotation and balance. I requested the same tech who corrected the problem when I initially purchased my tires his name is Francisco. I was told by the manager that if I requested a tech I could expect my wait time to double I felt as if he was getting back at me for requesting a tech, instead of insuring that I was a satisfied customer. Francisco did a good job and I left. My third time in I again requested Francisco, and I could tell that the manager knew who I was (“the SOB customer that request quality service”) I waited for my truck, I stepped in and made a couple of purchases in the Sears store. When I picked up my truck Francisco apologized for not working on my truck, he informed me that the manager had pulled him off my truck to work on another car, this is after I waited over 1.5 hrs for a simple rotation and balance. I drove away and the job was done satisfactory this time. This last time I took my truck in Francisco was not in, I requested a tire rotation and balance, the tech’s name was Jaime, and he completed the job. As I drove away I immediately notice the balancing was off my steering wheel was all over the place. I brought my truck back, informed them that the balancing was off Jaime drove my truck into the bay, as he was driving out to drive into the bay he sideswiped a stack of tires with my truck. Luckily not serious damage was done but it showed what they thought of my truck and me. Other nearby techs who saw him hit the stack of tires but did not know it was my truck that just got sideswiped started laughing. When I asked them if they thought it was funny that my truck just got smacked they got straight faced and scattered. I informed the manager what just happened he said he would speak with Jaime. Jaime did the job again and this time did it correctly but he kept insisting it was my rims that were bent. He pointed out how they were wobbling while on the alignment machine. I informed him that the tire he currently had on the machine was from the rear and that rear tires have nothing to do with the steering wheel vibrating. He then realized that he was not dealing with a complete fool and he could not get one over me, he completed the job, and guess what this time it was done correctly no vibration. It is very sad that a store like Sears has be prodded along to do the right thing. I know for a fact that so many people get screwed and never know about it. I am done with this shop. I feel stuck because I have free rotation and balance for the life of my tires, but I am not sure I want to keep going through this aggravation every time I need this service done. I will tell everyone I know to steer clear of Sears Auto. Please look into this before you get the reputation of being a Shit Shop, I know you have that reputation with me. I will go and pay for a rotation and balance service at another shop to get quality service. Lessons learned: You get what you pay for.

  5. FU SEARS Says:

    I have been waiting for over a month for Sears to come to my home and repair the yard tractor I purchased. I even purchased the Repair Agreement. I had an appointment but nobody ever showed up. When I called they informed me that the Technician called out sick. Apparently Sears only has ONE repair Technician for all of Florida???

    The second appointment was scheduled for two weeks later. Again, no call – no show! I called them again, now very angry. They informed me that they tried to call me in the morning but did not get an answer. I checked my phone and there was no missed call. The lady on the phone began to argue with me and said “sir if you are calling me a liar I am going to terminate this call.”

    It has now been six (6) weeks since my tractor stopped working. Sears has yet to come to my home to repair it. The store will not do anything for me, so I had to hire a lawn service until or if they ever do show up.

    What the hell is wrong with them?

  6. Sears Cares Says:

    Dear FU SEARS,
    My name is Laura with Sears Cares; I found your post here and I want to apologize for all the problems that have occurred with the repair of your yard tractor. It’s frustrating enough when any item we depend on breaks down without adding the missed appointments and poor customer service that you have experienced. I can certainly understand why you would be upset with two missed service appointments and then having to argue with our customer service representative. What you’ve posted here is unacceptable by any Sears’ standard and we would very much like to speak with you about your experience so that we can rectify this situation. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns such as yours which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience please contact our office via email at smsupport@searshc.com so that we can get this resolved for you. In the email, please provide a contact phone number, the phone number the tractor was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number), and please do include your user name (FU SEARS) for reference to your issue. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for the opportunity to assist in whatever way we can.
    Thank you,
    Laura D.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

    • beety Says:

      Really? Really? what the heck are you going to do for this person huh? Are you going to come and fix the tractor? Because your internal msg machines and customer care people do not help. they only serve to frustrate further loyal consumers!


      Consumers are not dumb!
      You can not lie, play games and deceive us anymore.
      So keep it real Laura cuz you will be called on your BS for all to see!


    • Jason the Saj Says:

      I notice a ton of these responders all over the web, Sears Cares. I am thinking that Sears is expending it’s money having call center techs in India google and post these sweet replies knowing that the most Sears will offer you is 10%-20% discount on purchase of a replacement of your brand new appliance.

  7. Sears Hometown Employee Says:

    To Mr. Kenmore Warsher Man,

    Ok, first off I’d like you to know that I think people who use cancer as a crutch, which is basically what you are doing, are horrible pieces of shit. Sears didn’t single you out and say “Hey, let’s torture this man who’s terminally ill by not letting him wash his clothes.” If that’s how you see it then you are a complete idiot.

    That aside, Sears has REGIONAL warehouse that are stocked monthly, who stoke the stores weekly. Product in the warehouses has to cover multiple stores on weekly stock and customer order. This DOES include parts, so having parts for common problems (ie. belts, pumps, filters, etc.) so yes, sometimes they get back ordered.

    In your preticular case, from what I can tell, it sounds like you think you should get some kind of special “express service” because you’re sick and have some dirty clothes.

    I’m sorry that you are sick. Cancer is a terrible thing that nobody should have to go through, but saying that sears sucks because some parts were back ordered and you didn’t get the next day service like you think you should’ve gotten is rediculous, offense, and make you look like a 2 year old who cries when he doesn’t get his way.

    • Administrator Says:

      Hello Asshole.
      I don’t think the word “crutch” means what you think it means. Given that you get tripped up by the spelling of simple words like “particular” and “ridiculous” I can understand.
      Read my blog post again. Better yet, have someone who can read, read it to you. I neither expected same day service, nor did I expect special treatment because I was sick. I expected not to be lied to over the phone. I expected the repair people to be able to repair the washer during their second visit.
      Cancer just happened to make my circumstances more frustrating. Seeing how it wasn’t the first time we’d had trouble with this washer/dryer from Sears it became frustrating enough for me to blog about it.
      The good news is, we replaced the washer years ago with one from Lowe’s. Less expensive and maintenance free! Better news? I’m cancer free which means I’ll probably outlive Sears.

      Almost six years since I’ve posted anything here, but it still keeps going strong because Sears sucks.

    • Jason the Saj Says:

      The Above Employee exemplifies Sear’s problem.

  8. larry Says:

    sears home services salesmen misleads u in their roof sales presentation. contract is done on a cd for your computer.mine malfuctioned making it unable for u to read your contract. also making it to late to cancel in 3 days notice. now u are in a binding contract. sears did not mention fine print in their contract or fine print of manufactures material being used.mfg.only guarantees u a good roof shingle. if installed not to mfg.specs. like mine an most likely all roofs. mfg.voids their product warranty .salesmen does not tell u that.

    my roof was installed by their sub contractor an failed county code inspection 3 times.sears management ignored me on installation issues after multiple phone calls.managed to contact a state senator about my problem. only after that did sears respond. they had to remove a brand new shingled roof do to improper installation . i documented the complete installation of the roof .also did the same the second time.pictures of shingle nailing.sheathing drip edge ridge vents also video. pictures dont lie.new contractor for second reshingle tried to scam me on plywood that was to be repaired caught him with pics. roof is installed just as bad as first time.if not worse.passed code inspection.they are unable to see how shingles are nailed after the sun beats on them. code does not care about shoddy workmenship code is immune from prosecution. .both contractors did damage to my ceilings.both say it was not their men. contractor says men were not in attic they were in there to remove nails that miss trusses.i have video of them coming out of attic. in my opinion how can u trust a company that hires contractors that lies an are unable to install a roof to code an mfg.spec. SEARS u are the most shameful misleading co. Florida residents if u have to have a roof done avoid the SEARS

  9. beety Says:

    I have been a loyal Sears customer for years–no more! I will never return to Sears. I have read all these posts from customers all over the country having like problems with the Sears Auto Service centers; with Sedgewick the insurance carrier for Sears and with corporate customer service—it disgusts me. Whats worse is Sears total disregard for the trouble and unnecessary expense caused to its declining customer base.

    Took my Mountaineer in for transmission flush in May 2012. Mileage is only 100k miles. I paid for the Flush and left…fast forward to September 2012. Took my Mountaineer in for 3000 mi oil change and the tech informed me that I needed a transmission flush????… I replied that I didn’t need a trans flush because it was performed on the last 3000 mile oil change…the tech had no record of it…huh?…. so I pulled my records out of the Mountaineer glove–box and proved it was indeed done–or at least paid for in May 2012…Since they couldn’t find any record of the flush in may 2012, (huh? really?) Sears did a flush in Sept 2012 anyway at no charge claiming that they wanted to make sure it had been done—ok fine.

    Fast forward…three days later I was backing out of my garage–uphill–and the reverse band in my tranny snapped. When a tranny specialist examined the car (visual only) he discovered the tyranny was two qrts low of fuel.

    I took it to a transmission repair company and started the repair…I then contacted sears and told them that they hadn’t refilled the tranny fluid completely which resulted in a the cost of a new transmission—

    Sears turned it over to their insurance company “Sedgewick” who denied all liability. Suddenly no one at the Sears Auto Center in Clackamas Oregon knows who I am. I used to be on a first name basis there–loyal long time customer. Really shady and despicable behavior!

    Sears Auto Center…. you have been unfair and downright horrible to many loyal customers…The number of social media complaint forums devoted solely to Sears is staggering and the number of complaints with common threads of incompetent auto service practices is deplorable. I had no idea prior to this event that Sears had fallen so far from the retail standard it used to be. You can not stay in business long with this sort of reputation proliferating.

    I have made numerous calls to the corporate office customer service “Sears cares line” (ironic) and spoke with several customer service reps (Joyce, Beth, Virgina-Frederick, Frank, Amanda, Bridgett, Lynn) …who have directed me back to the store contending they have no authority to help me–so I have repeatedly called the store manager Mike Mathews, and the district manager Gary Bentendorf who say that claims for damages to vehicles as a result of the auto center “are managed through Sedgwick, their liability insurance company that’s why we have the insurance company”. Further Mike, the store manager contends he has no authority to resolve the problem and directs me to call Geoffrey Moore the adjuster with Sedgwick. When I have called Sedgewick to speak to Geoffrey Moore, he claims they are NOT an insurance company–they are a “third party administrator” and can only take action to help me AT THE DIRECTION OF SEARS!!!! LOL!!!!

    Geoffrey/Sedgwick contends I have to talk to customer service at the “sears CARE line” (oxymoron-emphasis on the moron) at the corporate office of Sears to get relief because Sedgewick has no authority to resolve the problem or help me–They TOO have no authority???? really? really???….consequently, Sedgewick directed me back to the corporate customer service line to start all over again! I spent three days in this circular maze of “its not my problem”! I have been sent around and around and around in a circlular vacuum! Then they have the nerve to be irritated WITH ME for calling back after each time I make the circle???


    I am encouraging anyone frustrated with Sears Auto Service……to seek lawful help by contacting the email address below…I have just experienced an expensive mistake perpetrated by Sears Auto Center that no one is willing to take liability for ($2122.50). I filed a claim with Sears Auto Center insurance company “Sedgewick” and have been shuffled around carelessly. Know this Sears auto Center–this will not end here…it may take years to lawfully recover the loss but I am in this for the long haul—you have unleashed a tenacious lion! I will eventually be reimbursed as will many others with postings here. Social media is a mighty tool that pulls people with a common purpose together.

    I kick myself for being so loyal to Sears Auto Center all these years. I am 54 years old and sears has always been where I purchased tires as did my children. I purchased electronics, appliances, tires, tools, etc… always at sears. Now when a problem arises that Sears clearly holds liability for they *** me around and treat me like this???

    The Sears auto center hides behind Sedgwick–the insurance company. Sears contracts with Sedgwick to do their dirty work so they don’t have to take liability for the incompetent work of their techs. Sedgwick doesn’t even answer their phones or respond to customer concerns. Shame on you Sears Auto Center and Sears overall!

    There are so many retailers begging for business from the patrons disrespected by sears. I have an attorney that is anxious to file a class action suit against Sears Holding Corp., because there are so many people with similar complaints INCLUDING HIMSELF! It may take sometime but I will be reimbursed and have an apology from Sears–in the meantime it will cost sears 10 times more to defend themselves than to have simply paid for the damage caused by their auto center.


    frustrated with Sears Auto Service…there is help…lawful help… there is an interested consumer activist Attorney anxious to file a class action suit against Sears. Feel free to contact this email with your story….


    • Sears Cares Says:

      To beety,
      It is our goal at Sears to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and customer service. I am sorry that we disappointed you. I see in your post that Sears turned your claim over to our insurance company “Sedgewick” who denied all liability of your automobile. I work with the Sears Social Media Escalations team and even though we would not be able to reverse the decision of Sedgewick we like to speak to you about the issue. Since apologies don’t resolve your problems at your convenience, please contact my office via email at smadvisor@searshc.com so we can help. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number you used when you had dropped the car off at the auto center (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (beety) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.
      Thank you,
      Dianne D.
      Social Media Moderator
      Sears Social Media Support

  10. beety Says:

    REALLY? Dianne? Rally?
    I have emailed the address you post here and have yet to receive a real persons help. All I have received is canned–rehearsed responses via email. I have tried to call and speak to a live person at the social media phone number (800) 573-8431, 800-995-2139, and it’s voice mail. I’ve left msgs but have yet to receive a return call. SO Guess What!

    Sears doesn’t give a rip!

  11. beety Says:

    By the way in your post you indicate that “even though we would not be able to reverse the decision of Sedgewick” . This is simply not true. Sears hides cowardly behind the premise that Sedgwick has some authority over the decision makers at Sears. THIS IS A BOLDLY PERPETRATED LIE BY SEARS! It is a front that Sears uses to detour weary and frustrated customers–and–to avaoid liability. A frank lie!

    SEDGEWICK WORKS FOR SEARS AS A MERE “Third Party Administrator”.


    Sedgewick operates at the direction of Sears. Sears has the authority to override and castigate Sedgewick if they desire. The hiring of Sedgwick to manage all the rapidly growing consumer claims was a risk management and liability maneuver used to keep Sears out of the red from having to pay for the mounting and insurmountable malfunctioning equipment, repair failures and damages incurred by consumers.

    This consumer is not done and I have done my homework!
    You can not lie, play games and deceive me anymore.
    So keep it real Dianne cuz I will call you on your BS for all to see!


  12. MICK COLLINS Says:

    Havehad it with Sears in San Antonio. Toothless employees are not intererested in helping customers. It is time for Sears to go!

  13. 00000000000000000 Says:

    Plain and simple. Eddie doesn’t give a RATS ASS about anyone or any thing other than his new $40 million estate! that’s right $40 million estate. check it out on google eddie lampert indio creek. He treats his employees and people worse than dog doo. He’s need to be put in his place with bankruptcy! Please every body shop else where. That bastard and his cronies don”t deserve the time of day!!!

  14. Dave Gordon Says:

    I’m sure my complaint is minor compared to many but I contacted the customer service with a complaint and was assured of a callback by the store manager within 48 hours. Three days later I called again and was assured of a callback within 24 hours. Two days later I email and informed sears I did not appreciate being ignored, Three days later I emailed requesting the district manager to call. Its now four days later and no call. Great customer service case # 1717093

  15. 00000000000000000 Says:

    Again, Eddie is using SHC as a shell corp. he has pretty much sold off any thing of value. He’s waiting to bankrupt it and pocket 5 mil for a tax loss. Locally, the managers write fraudulent and unethical reviews to justify terminations and closing. Eddie is carrying out his plan perfectly.

  16. Anthony Waldrop Says:

    Sears owes me one “00939118000P”. I placed my order on Black friday #600556159 and have yet to receive one part. Upon opening my item I realized there had been a mistake. I used sears.com to find no way of reporting a problem. Finally I sent an email to customer service. Then did a chat session with CS India. Fun. They assured me I would here something in 2 days. %days later nothing. Then I call customer service which I can’t understand. Do you “sears” think that outsourcing is the best way to provide customer service to the U.S. ??? The mess up is easy to identify if two items combined weight equals almost a hundred pounds and I receive one item that weighs 54lbs then one item is missing. Sears con’t that as order received. What? The box says 1 of 1 items. it should be 1 of 2 items. Or two of two items. My totla order weight should have been close to 100lbs not 54lbs. Customer service keeps saying the are tracking it. You can’ t track an item that you didn’t ship. Come on people. Elementary math. Pull up the shipping invoice. What does the weight say? what should the weight be? Ta dahhhhh! Something is not adding up. What could it be? This is unbelievable. Really? Ok so now I finally get two different Americans. Beth #251095 and Shana #402312. They promise an email in 2 more days. Wow! So my question is this… Do you really not care???

  17. Ken Alexander Says:

    Stopped buying sears years ago because it was junk. Recent due to consumer report I mistakenly gave them another chance. $3000 refrigerator plus $500 service contract, 7 months it died, now for the real kick in the nuts, 14 days before a service call. May god strike me down if I EVER set foot in a POS Sears again.

  18. Connie Oliver Says:

    I’ll be without a fridge for a little over a month because Sears can’t get a repairman out here before then. I am hopping mad. I have a child in the house and I’ve just had knee surgery so I can’t be running out after ice all the time for the cooler. If Sears is that hard up, they need to close their doors. This is a 3 yr. Old Kenmore Elite with bottom freezer. I’ll never do business with Sears again.

  19. john saunders Says:

    They can sell you stuff online (well you can enter the order and do all the work yourself). But they can’t DELIVER anything on time!! I needed a range for a tenant after the old Kenmore broke. The Sears site said Thursday and HD said Friday. Oh how I wish I had not gone for the first lie, I would have had a stove Friday for sure.
    So of course Thursday morning they call to say they can’t deliver the stove. It snowed somewhere in the country and the stove didn’t get to the warehouse. When I called to complain they said that was not true, they never had the stove to start with and always ship them when ordered – relying on getting it to the warehouse in 24 hours. That’s a recipe for disaster. So after my complaints (2 HOURS on the phone, TWO disconnects, FIVE different employees) and explanation that the tenants have an infant in the house and cannot cook hot meals a Supervisor PROMISES it is now a PRIORITY issue and it will be delivered first thing Friday morning. Friday morning they call to tell me it looks like snow so they won’t be making deliveries. Well of COURSE it looked like snow – there was a blizzard on its way – it might even get here by nightfall – why bother working today.
    So it snowed and snowed – the tenants had no hot food. FOUR days later the old Sears truck pulls up after 5PM. They never let me know they were coming. The tenant said they did not even hook up the stove. I haven’t seen it -they tell me its nice.
    After the second hosing on Friday I placed and order with HD and it was scheduled for the day after Sears finally showed up. Next time I’ll just stick with HD. Sears sucks.
    This country has a lot of hard working people that take pride in their jobs and give it their best effort. NONE of them work for Sears.

  20. Luella from Michigan Says:

    Cancelled an appliance order 1 week ago today. Was told 3-5 days for my money to be refunded. Now today they are telling me there was an issue and now I have to wait ANOTHER FN 3-5 days. No wonder they are going out of business FAST! Too bad they own Kmart, because they are dragging them down the cesspool with Sears. So sad.

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