Don’t be fooled: It’s Sears

Not long after the washer ordeal, I looked into replacing our noisy dishwasher. I dropped into a Great Indoors store near my place of employment. Here, a salesman tried to talk me up from a $600 model to an $800 model. When I asked about installation, he said I’d have to talk to the Sears near my home! SEARS! Here’s the kicker. Once he knew I wouldn’t be buying from his store, he let me know that there’s really no difference between the $600 and $800 models. How Searsy of him.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am curious why you seem to keep returning to sears even though you obviously have such a problem with them. It almost seems to me that you are going out of your way to put yourself in these situations to gather material for your website.

    You would save yourself a lot of time and money invested in this website if you went somewhere else. And if you return to sears try to find a salesman that meets your temperament and style a little better. Rather, if you feel you are with a pushy salesmen, find one that isn’t.

    If your unhappy avoid Sears altogether. Or maybe a nitpicker like you can’t help but finding more material for their website. Even if you have to provoke a salesman to get it.

    Rather than being so self righteous go find your self another company to buy from. Maybe you can harass them too.


      You must work for Sears..and for that I feel sorry for you. Sears has horrible service. The customer reps just keep reading from a script even if it does not address your issue..its like talking to a recording. Their master protection plans- TOTAL FREAKIN SCAM!


      • Eli Wexler Says:

        It’s obvious you are upset and I can see why but you can’t blame the sales representative c’mon man that was below the belt he was doing his job everywhere you go even outside of retail they try to up sell you even when I was younger and was a department manager at walmart fall apart in electronics it was my JOB to “UP SALE” and always provide accessories because that’s where we made money. Also may I add that poor soul at sears gets paid only commision if he doesn’t sale he doesn’t get paid, before you ask I worked there when I was in college so your battles with sears not with the poor soul that was trying to earn a living. If your town is like mine it sucks to be you because sears delivers and maintences even Lowes and Home Depots appliances third party lol .Maybe if you directed all your anger and tried to be positive about all your outcomes people would be more eager to help you with whatever problems you have…. Have a nice day and thanks for the laughs

  2. TVBrain Says:

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I didn’t realize The Great Indoors was Sears. As a Sears apologist you may not understand the need to open Sears stores without the Sears name on it.
    What was nit-picky or temperamental about my visit to TGI? How did I provoke the salesman?

  3. J Hilborn Says:

    I purchased a sears hot water heater 32 months ago, because it had a 12 year warranty on parts and did not require a sears technician to install the part. After 32 months the pilot assembly went out on it.

    I called the sears 800 parts number only to be cut off at least 6 times, transferred to a couple of morons, who probably sign their name with an x, who told me that my hot water heater parts were covered by my warranty, but they did not know how to go about ordering it. One of these individuals was a manager in the Hot water warranty department.

    I eventually found someone who said that the only way I could get a warranty replacement part was to pay for a “technician” to come out to tell me that the part was defective. All for a cost of $75.00.

    It’s no wonder that sears is on the verge of bankruptcy. Sears customer service department should be “Sales Prevention”!

    I can not encourage consumers every where, not to spend even one cent at sears.

    • Jason the Saj Says:

      Had the exact same issue, 12 year warranty hot water heater failed at 5 years. Had to have service rep come out for $75 and confirm failure. Than got a replacement unit, and had my father-in-law (general contractor) install it.

      A year later it had a valve failure, which apparently is NOT covered under their warranty. So had my father-in-law replace that too.


      Suck Exceead All Reasonable Sense (SEARS)

  4. red floyd Says:

    Allow me to join the Sears Sucks club. Also a washer. Also needed a part that the repair guy didn’t have. He ordered it, told me 3-5 business days. He apparently had to use the same queue as us mortals, because he couldn’t get me anything sooner than 10 days later.

    So here it is the day before the service and the part still hasn’t shown. I spent 2 hours on the phone today trying to deal with it. I haven’t rescheduled the appointment yet. I figure if they’re going to waste my time, I might as well waste theirs (and besides, maybe this time the repairman has the right part on the truck).

  5. Toni Says:

    SEARS is so big, they don’t care about the individual…as are many of the larger retailers….however, as consumers, we can make a difference…I’m asking everyone to BOYCOTT SEARS…they used to be #1…now thety are #3, even after acquiring/merging with K-Mart. There’s a reason they are falling, and its not just because of prices…..their customer service is the worst…stand up together and make a statement…..


  6. Toni Says:

    Doesn’t matter what you bought from Sears or why you don’t like Sears, the reality is , is that they are so big, they don’t care….make Sears care…let’s start a National BOYCOTT of Sears….

  7. steve Says:

    Don’t shoot Sears down quite so much… there are plenty of Sears employees, who really do believe that there is still good in the company!

    There are also several employees who want to help out their customers more than turn them away. Because of the way things have gotten over time, there are soooooo many hoops for everyone to jump through. The companies you guys are complaining about (Sears Service) are not even owned by Sears. These companies are outsourced. Lets face it, in our economy it’s impossible to afford owning that kind of payroll, even for the once largest retailer ever.

    In response to Service Tech that didn’t have the right parts. Chew on this! There are over 500 different appliances produced each year. Usually each of them have 5 major parts and 70-200 smaller parts. The parts for your washer that you bought 2-10 years ago, can not be just carried around on a truck waiting for your product to fail. Not sarcism, just the truth, sad but true.

    Sears has changed in order to survive, still many people who are employed at Sears see happy customers every day! Just understand if Sears gave everyone every single thing they wanted, it would never survive. If it deserves to servive is the people’s decision who chose to shop there.

    Sears has changed to survive because of the change in its clients. Not all customers, that walk into a Sears store, are your “good old boys” from down the street anymore. Ofcoarse not all the employees are Sears are “go-getters”, but what company is employeed by an entire perfect population? Walmart? Lowes? Home Depot? No company can control EVERY single employee. Thats life guys live with it!

    • Ernie Says:

      You are right that a tech can’t possibly carry every conceivable part in his truck, but how would you answer this: I had a Kenmore washer (barely out of warranty) that had a failure of the timer that advances the wash, spin, rinse, cycles. When I called for repair service, I gave them the model #, serial# and even the part# for the timer (I found that online). The technician showed up 2 hours late, without any parts, looked the machine over and proudly announced that he had found the problem – a failed timer. He would have to “order it in”, and would be back the following week. Three weeks later, another tech was dispatched and he, too, was 2 hours late. The timer was replaced and Sears had the baIIs to bill me for 2 service calls. Short version – after a lengthy dispute, I paid for ONE service call, and I have purchased my last appliance from Sears.

      I have also stopped shopping at Sears for anything, because their business practices are so terrible.

  8. Andrea Says:

    This post is a couple of years old, but still completely relevant. We bought a refrigerator and reported problems we were having with it to Sears within two weeks of it being delivered. They sent someone back out (we thought the guy was a technician, but apparently he was just another delivery person). He fiddled with the adjustments and said it was “fine.” Fast forward about 11 months later and the thing dies. We spend $221 fixing the issue that the Sears technician said was the problem, but it still didn’t resolve the issue. Over the course of several months, the fridge starts getting warmer and warmer. Finally, we realize there is a serious problem, call Sears again, and they send someone else out. Again, another problem is diagnosed (within the sealed system that falls under the full warranty). This new technician that comes out to fix the problem says is was the issue since it was delivered. The only reason it worked a little better after the first repair was because the technician refilled the freon that had been leaking out. This second technician spends 5 hours fixing it and it works for about a week. Slowly, over a couple of weeks, all the freon leaks back out (you could actually hear a hissing sound) and we now have a refrigerator that is room temperature. A new technician was supposed to come out today between 1 and 5 PM, but it is currently 5:30 and NO ONE has arrived as of yet. Sears is still telling us that they will try and fix whatever the problem is. So, bottom line is not only do they provide a VERY cheap product, but they also don’t honor their own warranty. We asked for the fridge to be replaced within two weeks of it being delivered and Sears refused. Now they claim to have no record of that request. Folks, just stay away from Sears. We have lost about $300 worth of food and got sick after eating spoiled food (because the freezer was incrementally getting warmer, it was not initially apparent that food wasn’t being frozen properly…we learned our lesson!). We lost an additional $221 on the initial repair which Sears so far has refused to reimburse us for (although they are looking into it). We spent about $560 on the fridge itself, but may have to get another one. We’ve lost 5 days of annual leave (and counting) waiting all day for repair people to show up (and not one has actually shown up on time thus far). STAY AWAY FROM SEARS!!!!

  9. James Says:

    As an employee of The Great Indoors, I would like to attest that Steve is full of b.s. Sears has grown to become a large bureaucratic, centrally controlled autocratic society. Every minute detail that each individual store must flow through corporate headquarters. Many large corporations have done this in an attempt to cut costs only to infuriate customers. They outsourced their service department to save on insurance and benefits costs. Believe me, if you look at its Sears’ balance sheet, THEY CAN AFFORD THE PAYROLL. They choose not to to become more “efficient and effective.” But if anyone ever heard of too much of a good thing, Mr. Lampert, the CEO, never heard of it. He outsourced so much that it affected customer service. Look at it this way, everybody at HQ is looking for a way out. Sears is a sinking ship. Stay back and watch in awe as the company will implode within the next 2 years.


    I filed for bankruptcy 12 years ago, and Sears had a rep there harrassing everyone, even if Sears wasn’t listed on the bankruptcy. That lady from Sears walked over and said do we need to talk? I replied I don’t owe you anything, so go talk to the judge. She got all red faced and I laughed and said lady I just filed bankruptcy, even people I owe money to aren’t going to get it, so leave me alone. SEARS SUCKS.

  11. Milo Says:

    Ok so I just returned my iPod touch, Sears told me they were out of stock, so then I tell them, “can you order me one?” so they went ahead and ordered my 16gb ipod touch, they told me it was going to be here the 14th of January, well today is the 14th and it is not here. Yep, you heard correctly. After 3 fuc**n weeks, it is still back ordered. So when I am on the line with the sears salesman, I am like REALLY, WHAT THE FU**?!? HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS BACK ORDERED STILL AFTER 3 FUC**NG WEEKS!? So I then call sears again, just to confirm this idiotic mistake, and they tell me it won’t be available for over a MONTH! So yeah I seriously don’t know what I am going to do. SEARS SUCKS I am going to go to the store and am going to try to get all this bullsh** straight, cause I am really getting tired of all this, along with many other people with fake order confirmation letters. I am not willing to wait another month just to get my iPod. And i don’t even have the choice really to return it since the restocking fee is high (15%=over $30 off of $299) ONCE AGAIN DON’T EVER, EVER SHOP AT SEARS PEOPLE!

  12. Sean Says:

    I think everyone here will shop Sears again. Know why? Cause they do have the best after sales service of any big box or department store in Canada. Everyone has a beef with some company in their lifetime, but look and really think about your comments…they are small potatoes. I believe that if everyone here worked even 3 months in retail they would shut their winy pie holes and move on with their lives. What store has a satisfaction guarantee on furniture? if you buy a sofa from sears, use it for 4, sometimes even more, months then decide they don’t like it and are able to return…that’s not good customer service…that’s retarded. And for the guy with the ipod touch, cry me a river you spoiled dip, it’s a freakin ipod. I’m sure it was devistating like losing a loved one.



    • Ernie Says:

      Actually, I do buy from Sears sometimes – or maybe it would be more accurate to say I get free rentals from them. Here’s how: I needed to diagnose the “engine” light in my vehicle. Go to Sears, buy OBD II tester, go home and run the codes, return the tester for a full refund. Works like a charm for almost everything. What you have to watch is the length of the return period – but you could probably get a lawn mower, cut your grass and return the mower.

      What I don’t, and won’t, do is buy things from Sear that I plan to keep.

    • Jason the Saj Says:

      I boycotted SONY products in the 80’s after a young kid had two $100 walkman’s fail shortly after warranty. Those were huge items, the first I saved up for nearly a year.

      I’ve bought TWO and only TWO SONY products since.

      1. A minidisc recorder, off a discount seller for cheap. Because SONY was the only one to offer minidisc.

      2. A stereo surround receiver last year. Why? Because it was $150 and the next cheapest was $300+. And I mostly looked at it as a temporary investment. I am so/so with it. And I bought that on Amazon, a company I trust.

      But other than that. I have never touched a SONY product since. So guess what, SEARS, is about to never have me walk foot in their store again except to return any gifts I receive that were bought at Sears.

  13. Milo Says:

    Yea were talking about Sears USA here. Ok maybe Sears Canada is awesome. But sure as hell Sears USA blows. My point is that as stated in my comment, that it is not right to send out fake confirmation letters to customers. Inconvience period. Now wouldn’t you be pist if sears calls you up and tells you that your item has arrived, then to arrive and find out that it was all a lie just to “borrow” your money. Think of it as that way cause basically, you purchase the item, they receive the payment, and they’ll just get you your product whenever the hell they feel like it. On top of that, not only does it cause inconvenience, but you waste gas, and for example, if you are doing some holiday shopping, and you order the product, just to then find out that your item is not in stock. So now you gotta either wait for the product to arrive, or to just cancel the order (by the way sears also charges a 15% fee on cancelled orders after 48 hours). Now tell me if that is great customer service. Oh yea and about my iPod touch, don’t be telling me I’m a spoiled dip, cause sears (still) has my money ($330) and I don’t got an iPod touch (til 20 days). Of damn course I’m going to be pist. I doesn’t take that damn long for an ipod to arrive. If you really want to see how Sears USA customer service, come down to the states, and see for yourself before posting comments about how we are all a bunch or retards and spoiled dips, cause Sears USA and Sears Canada are two completely different chains considering there in different countries.

  14. anonymous Says:

    btw, i thought you had cancer? i guess you seem to be doing ok despite having all these horrible experiences. why wouldn’t you just cut that stress out of your life. obviously you have some attachment to sears as you keep defying the odds and shopping with us. im glad you’re still kickin but maybe you should kick somewhere else?

  15. anonymous Says:

    oh. and milo is in fact an idiot. 15% of 299 is not 30 you F’ing idiot. not to mention, if the item is defective they wont charge the fee. stop being such a whiny dip as sean said. they get the merchandise directly from the manufacturer, you expect your local store to just pull one from their ass? go talk to the owner of this site and see if he has any suggestions on how to treat your chronic retardation as apparently he is an expert in the field of chronic illness (he’s been dying of cancer for years now)

  16. TVBrain Says:

    Boy, the anonymous posters sure have raised the level of discourse here. Their defense of Sears is inspirational.
    A fake email address of “” is sure a strong method of getting your point across. It must have been exhilarating to type that one in without your mom catching you using her computer and asking you to go back to doing your homework. Or is Sears your mommy? You sure defend her as such. Please refer me to anywhere on this site where I said I was dying. We’ll wait. There are only a few posts. …Well?
    Please also find instances where I “keep defying the odds and shopping with you.” I made the mistake of buying a washer/dryer from you. Then I shopped in a Great Indoors, not knowing it was a Sears. You’re right, I’m out of control. I can’t help myself.
    If you have something to say in defense of Sears, go ahead. But don’t be a tool. I’m a huge fan of the posters who start their Sears apologies with “Well customer service/product quality isn’t what it used to be.” Really? Then maybe you shouldn’t charge an an extra $200 a year for the privilege. I also love the “but only Sears will replace the entire appliance” crowd. I defy any customer to try to get Sears out to their house the requisite four times in one calendar year.

    I don’t know how Sears lovers find this place, but they’re welcome to it. Just try to be an adult. Personal insults are getting you nowhere. Anyone can be a tough guy hiding behind an anonymous screen name.

  17. Milo Says:

    Really “anomynous” user. To be correct, 15% of $299 is actually more than $30. Your comment makes no sense. To top it off, when sears called me about the iPod arriving, evey employee was clueless. I was probably waiting aroung 15 minutes. Then finally when someone got the iPod, they were trying to give me the exact same one I returned. I was like WTF. So then they go around the store trying to find someone that knows anything. Then they somehow just pull it off their inventory. So let’s see how long it took to get a new iPod. Over a month. Really, you think that this isnt bad customer service? If you dont, then you are pretty retarded.

  18. SunnyD Says:


    I really think Sears Stinks..The only reason anyone would buy anything from Sears especially a big ticket item is because you would expect that they will stand behind their product. I bought 4 appliances last July and have been having problems with the Washing machine since Oct of last year.They just keep rescheduling the appointments that I make without even informing me and the customer service is so arrogant that they make you feel that they are doing you a favour by making this appointment. This machine is not even a year old and I have even bought extended service plan on it and this is how I am being treated..Once the techinician came and he said that even he doesn’t know what is going on there becuase no body is taking responsbility.The management does not seem to care either…Stay away from Sears…

  19. HaideH Says:

    You want to hear something really scary my mother bought a stove from SEARS that was a piece of crap from day one. Was replace twice and the last time that they send a technician the guy didn’t know what he was doing, he move a couple of things around and told my mom that it was fine now. Luckily my brother walk in the house right then and told my mom that he smell gas (my mother has lost her sense of smell) when to the stove to check it right in front of the techinican and sure enough the guy had done something, my brother couldn’t figure out what it was and told the techinician, that he smell gas and he needed to fix the problem, the guy told him that he was lying and everything was fine and that he was leaving. My brother has a very small temper told my mom and nephews to get out of the house and go to neighbors house cause it wasn’t healthy for them to be there. But threaten the tech ( I usually don’t approve of this, but it saved my mother life) He went to turn on the stove just to prove the STUPID tech that he was right. He almost burn his arm, the tech got so SCARED that he pee on his pants. Right away he call a senior technician and the service department.

    The other tech came and make sure that my brother was okay an ambulance come and confirm that they too smell gas check my brother’s arm. The service deparment call and were so VERY HELPUL keep asking my mother if she was planing on suing them. My mother told them that wasn’t her style, she was glad that nothing worse had happened but really needed a new stove. They gave her a credit of $1000 toward a new stove and send her a letter asking her to sign were she promise not to sue them.

    Anyway what I’m getting to is if my brother wouldn’t had walk in the house and told the tech that he was going to kick his ass if he didn’t fix the problem my mother and three nephews wouldn’t be here. PLEASE don’t purchase anythign from SEARS.

  20. Charles Says:

    I work at Sears and I agree with you, OP. It’s amazing that they didn’t deliver service to you, even if it is outsourced. Every time I come to work there are always a few “Sears Blue Crew” vans sitting outside. Everyone in the hard line departments stand around all day twiddling their thumbs. None of them provide good customer service, they are all hostile (telling customers they can buy this or they can’t buy anything at all) and I don’t know how they still manage to sell fridges and TVs and the what not. The soft line departments are different though. We provide great customer service but still the taint of the hard line departments creep into the soft line departments, all of the managers are interested in the company, other managers, but not the associates or the customers. Then again, when you go to Sears, who’s going to buy clothes there?

    Before you think Sears is a 100% terrible place, I’d just like to say they also own Lands’ End, and Lands’ End provides great customer service and great clothes. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a Lands’ End associate then you’ll find stark contrast when you call their 1800 number.

  21. BobWilliams Says:

    I used to be a Lands End customer. But after they made countless mistakes (addressing packages to the wrong name, inseaming pant’s legs to different lengths, not sending receipts of what is ordered, no confirmation of what has been returned, incorrectly processing credits, etc.) I complained. They refunded a few of the costs but did NOT acknowlege their mistakes or investigate what went wrong. So, surprise, problems continued. After a few more complaints, they took drastic action. They fired me as a customer!

    It just goes to show that now that they are run by Sears, and many of their senior execs have left, they are NOT the company they once were. They are interested in their profits, and if THEY make mistakes, they don’t make profit. So they simply focus on their customers that won’t complain.

    LL Bean on the other hand has now become the recipient of even more of my business, a company that has always impressed me with their professionalism and their idea of what constitutes customer service.

  22. Kevin M. Says:

    Good grief – I’ve just had the worst customer service experience of my life with Sears. I’m so pissed I just feel like I need to go to every site talking about how bad Sears is to vent.

    Their delivery people could f’up a wet dream. But the real problem is their Indian call center operations. It takes an act of Congress to talk to someone in the States, but they’re no better. They take no pride in their company at all. At orientation they must tell their new hires that the company sucks so get used to it. When you have a displeased customer on the phone, put them on hold til they hang up, if the customer is persistent enough to hold on until the phone is answered, immediately pass the buck to a “supervisor” (i.e. the schlep in the next cubicle), then offer a $10 gift card for the inconvenience put on hold for approval and “accidentally” hang up. YES SEARS SUCKS THE SUCK!!!

  23. Sears Cares Says:

    Dear Sears Customers,

    It is disappointing to read about the problems you have experienced with Sears. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. Please contact us via email at so we can further discuss your concerns. We hope to hear back from you so we can work together on finding a solution to meet your needs.

    Thank you,

    David V.
    Senior Case Manager

    • Ernie Says:

      David, I have no doubt that you, personally, wish to solve these problems. The fact is, though, that you can’t change the deeply ingrained culture of Sears. It has become as disfunctional as the US Congress and I don’t believe either one can be changed at this point. Sears will go belly-up, and the Craftsman line will be picked up by some other company. The Kenmore name might or might not survive, since Kenmore appliances are mostly Whirlpool anyhow – why do we need two names for one product?

      My suggestion to you is that you keep an eye out for other employment opportunities.

  24. Diane Whitham Says:

    Buying from SEars for years. Ordering parts for old tractor , no problem. I have a sears washer out of warranty after phoning about 5 times I finally got someone to look the part up. They dont give you a parts list which is stupid. I received the wrong part which isnt even for my washer. I dont have a parts depot near me so I am required to phone l 800 BS for a return number. two weeks later and about l0 emails I still dont have a return number. I receive a recording, we are busy with other customers phone back. I will never buy from Sears again this is bs.

  25. Steve Says:

    Sears website is so frustrating it’s better to walk into a small family owned store, pay the 5% premium, get intelligent sales people and superior after sales service. Flee from

  26. Elias Hippensteel Says:

    Tolles Blog. Das Theme gefaellt mir, wo kann ich das denn downloaden?

  27. docbn Says:

    come voice your opinion on sears’ forum they love to hear from all of their pissed customers!

  28. Margarito Diamond Says:

    Congratulations, talented writer. You are amazing.

  29. Chris hates Sears Says:

    Sears Canada is no better…
    I used to love Sears. Bought 26 major appliances from them in the last 11 years and a lot of clothing, furniture and household goods. I guess I never realized how bad they have become because I never had to return anything until last week. I bought a soap dispenser on clearance for $14.99 at a location far away from my house. It was defective so I took it back to the Sears at Markville Mall near my home the same day. They told me to go back to the location I bought it because they didn’t have it. Because I bought it on clearance, they would not exchange it and will not give me store credit. So I told the manager it costs more in gas to go there than it cost for the soap dispenser. I spend thousands of $$$ at Sears and this is how they treat a loyal customer. Why can’t they put it on a gift card that I would have to use at Sears. The manager tells me “that doesn’t matter”. I called the customer service line, wasted 1 hour with them and was told the same thing. The asked the lady on the customer service line if my request was unreasonable. She said no but she can’t help me. So I will never ever shop at Sears again, NEVER. My loyalty “doesn’t matter” to Sears. So now they don’t exist to me! If this is what they do over $14.99 I can’t imagine what can happen if I have problems with a major purchase. I guess I was lucky in the past because I didn’t have to return anything. I guess I was the perfect customer. There are a lot of stores out there with better customer service, better selection and better prices.

  30. Post Author Says:

    The nationwide policy of Sears is that if you return clearance merchandise within ten days that it does go on a store merchandise card that has a 90-day expiry date, unlike regular gift cards. The people you talked to were idiots. The policy is clearly detailed on the back of each receipt and on a placard that sits on the counter near every terminal. Also, you can return merchandise to any store. I suggest that you write down the details of your experience, including the names of the employees you dealt with and send it to Sears Canada corporate offices. They do listen to complaints, especially when employees take it upon themselves to contravene their standard policies.

  31. scott mcp Says:

    They more than suck! they contracted with a technician to complete a warranty repair on our water softener. The guy tracked grease all over our carpet, ruining it. The technician is now nowhere to be found and Sears says they have no responsibility for the actions of the person they sent to do the repair. Not only that but they have an attitude about it. Their words, “that’s between you and the person you contracted with.” The person I contracted with????

    So………shitty product, shitty service, shitty attitude……………I’ll never buy another Sears Product and would discourage anyone else from doing so. Sad………as once upon a time they were a company you could count on

  32. SearsCares Says:

    Dear Sears Customers,
    My name is Marcus and I am part of the Sears Social Media Support Team, and I am very concerned about what I have read here concerning the different unsatisfactory situations that you all have experienced with Sears. I would like the opportunity to reach out and speak with you about these issues so that we can address them and make sure you as a Sears customer’s are taken care of. Please know Sears does value you as a customer and we want your experiences with Sears to be pleasant. We would like the opportunity to help and keep you all satisfied customers. Sears Social Media Support Team is the single point of contact for all escalated concerns which means we step into the situation and handle it from start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please contact my office at so you don’t have to continue to be impacted by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name’s that you used to post on (Sears Sucks – Word Press) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Marcus C.
    Sears Social Media Support Team

  33. Tammy Wagnon Says:

    I have been a FAITHFUL Sears customer all my life! ALL my appliances have been bought through Sears! I purchased a new refridgerator the fall of 2008. I also had an extended warranty on it! In the first year of use…..part of the ice maker dispenser and the water dispenser went out. It would make the cubes… would dispense crushed ice….BUT….NO WATER…..NOT CUBED ICE!
    At my fault….I got caught up in life……..I had Cancer that I was recovering from….and my Dad was gravely ill! I failed to call Sears within the warranty time! SO, I paid them to come and repair my refrigerator. After a few months of canceling on me and coming and not knowing what to do……..I finally got frustrated when the 1st repairman obviously did not know what he was doing…..and when he left…….I had NO ICE>>>>>>NO WATER! Basically….he made the thing work WORST than it did!
    After more calls and frustration…..they sent me out a new repairman. VERY nice young man. REALLY seemed to care and want to fix the fridge! He worked on it and was perplexed on what was going on….called in to get some feedback….he was frustrated because the man on the other line was not listening to him! They were arguing back and forth….and he was yelled at by the man on the other end of the phone and told that he was to tell me the appliance was UNSERVICABLE! He had to leave because that was the determination from the man on the phone.
    So after he left…I had water……….BUT NOW….my fridge makes NO ICE…and DISPENSED NO ICE!
    I called Sears to tell them it was unacceptable to me that after I pay for service that my appliance works WORST than when they started! I basically was told they would give me 30% off a new one! NO, I paid $2000 only 3 years ago…..I can not afford to buy a new one…..I want this one to work the way it did when I called in for service! NO AN OPTION….I can call the legal deptartment. When I told them that I wanted the legal department….I was told I needed my lawyer to call them! I am DONE! NEVER in my life had I EVER had such TERRIBLE service! RUDE…..UNPROFESSIONAL…….UNCARING! I am going to file in Small Claims Court! I AM DONE! I am boycotting purchasing from SEARS….and I have had several family members and friends say they would be doing the same! In fact my cousin was going to go to buy a new washer and dryer last week………..I told her what happened and she is going to go elsewhere now! GOOD BYE SEARS! YOU SUCK!

    • Searscares Says:

      Dear Tammy Wagnon:

      My name is Susan and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears and I am very concerned about what I have read here. We would like to help. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please contact our office at so you (and others) don’t have to continue to be impacted by this. At your convenience, please send us an email. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the item(s) were purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (Tammy Wagnon) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

      Thank you,

      Susan R.
      Senior Case Manager
      Sears Social Media Support

  34. Raquel Christensen Says:

    I spent $15,000 on 2 “top of the line” carrier AC/heating units with installation, new duct work, register replacement….There hasn’t been a year when the units haven’t failed in both summer and winter. Coil problems, leaks requiring re-charges… The first problem was 4 months after installation – first serious cold front and the heat wouldn’t work. They told me it would be 3 weeks before they could send someone out because of the high demand. NO KIDDING – 3 WKS. The house was 40 degrees inside. Since then, the best appt I’ve managed was 1 week. Plan on spending 20-30minutes on the phone trying to get to the scheduling person for a service call – being transfered, disconnected. They only come from 8-5 M-F. They will give you a 4 hour window for arrival but don’t necessarily follow it. If you choose to go outside the warranty to get it fixed in an emergency, the warranty is void. I asked them to completely take them out and replace them after the 3rd repair – under 12 months. They don’t care to do anything to make it right after they have your money. After 3 years of the 10 year warrannty, I have resulted to paying for servicing from a local company. The units still break 2-3 times a year and they are only 7 years old – Hot summers / Cold winters – you can’t live without functional units. Sears is rediculous.

    If you don’t want screwed….AVOID BUY ANYTHING THAT YOU MAY NEED SERVICED FROM SEARS! ….They need webster to explain what customer service means.

  35. sharon howard Says:

    I tried ordering a washing machine online. After hammering me with robo-calls that kept giving me install dates and constant unsolicited e-mails thanking me for being a valued customer, they robo-called to delay the installation. The robo-call didn’t give me a new date, but told me to call a different number for add’l info. When I called, the install date was put off a week. I immediately cancelled my order. I figured if service was this bad before they had my money, no thinking what would happen after the bill was paid. I then called my local appliance company, who by the way is less expensive and actually talked to a live and local person. Sears Still Sucks

  36. PG Says:

    Yup, Sears still sucks – they have been out 4 times to fix my fridge (I bought if from them less than 4 years ago) – still not fixed. They don’t show during the 4 hour time window and then reschedule you for weeks later. They do take you money first, though. THEY SUCK!

  37. Matt Says:

    Never do business with Sears

    I told them that due to their business practices and lack of service, I’d be sharing this with everyone.

    It all started when I went to the Sears Parts Direct website to order a part for our washing machine. The part cost about $60 plus about $15 shipping. I ordered it, then, rather quickly, thought better of it. Why spend $75 on a part when the washer is 12 years old? I’d rather just buy a new one. I received an email confirming my order that stated “Your order status is available online 24-48 hours after placing the order.” with an estimated delivery date of Tuesday, July 31, 2012. Less than one hour after ordering it, I went to cancel it online and the website told me they my order couldn’t be cancelled.

    I called the support line and they refused to do anything about it. Their policy states that there you can’t cancel an order once placed. First, who in their right mind could possibly think this was a good policy?

    Their phone support said that this is their policy and there’s nothing they can do about it. The reason for the policy is because they ship parts immediately. Why should they wait around, giving me a chance to cancel my order when they can get it shipped out right away? Okay, this “sort of” makes sense. When will it arrive? 10-14 days. This tells me the part wasn’t shipped but I can’t cancel it because it’s already shipped.

    Their phone support then goes on to tell me that they can issue an RMA to return the part. I said “Great! Please do!” Their response? “I can’t issue and RMA because the part hasn’t been shipped yet.” Anyone see the problem here?

    Talked to a “supervisor” and she told me the same thing. Hung up and called back. Got someone who, you could tell, was reading a script and reading it badly. “Hello…Thank…you…for…calling…Sears…How…can…I…help…you…?” I tried asking for a supervisor right off the bat but he wouldn’t even stop talking and he talked so slowly, you’d have to wait five minutes for him to finish just one sentence. I finally talked to another supervisor. He told me the same thing as the first except asked if they had refunded shipping yet. I told him no. He said he’d take care of that but couldn’t do anything else because company policy is that you can’t cancel an order.

    Did a search online to find the email address for the Social Media support for Sears. Apparently they have a department setup to respond to complaints on Facebook, Twitter and the like. I sent an email to this address. I got an email almost immediately on July 23 that they’ve received my complaint and opened a ticket for me. I’ll be contacted by a representative soon. On July 25, they responded that they don’t have record that they responded to my complaint on social media but they’d help me. Seriously? A customer support department that really only wants to help someone who complains to social media, when there is NO OTHER WAY to get support from the company?

    Anyway, spoke the representative on July 25. She apologized. Said the first manager should have given me a refund of the shipping cost and started the process of cancelling the order. So far, so good. She’s going to get this taken care of.

    Got a call back, can’t recall the exact date but it was about July 27. She said she got the order cancelled. The shipment status hasn’t changed. It hasn’t been shipped. She’d get the refund done soon.

    Got a call back on August 6. This is two weeks after first contacting them and a week after the part was originally scheduled to be delivered. No part and no refund. She doesn’t understand why I haven’t gotten my refund but she’ll look into it.

    Seriously? Flat our rediculous. Any company that takes this long to “cancel” an order and refund the money just is not a company I’ll ever want to do business with again, especially since their policy says you can’t cancel an order at all (but their website won’t tell you until after you place the order, if even then). Then, charges you for the order, cancels the shipment of the order but still can’t get you a refund?

    Sears, you’ve lost me forever as a customer. When we purchase a new washer and dryer, I guarantee you it won’t be from Sears. Regardless, you haven’t delivered the part or refunded the money. Give me my refund!

  38. Mr Misto Says:

    Sears sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. S Belew Says:

    I used to think sites like this were crap by people who had one off bad experiences, former employees, and others who like to gripe and complain.
    However, after four rather large purchases in just over a year, I can see these sites in a whole new light.
    The first of these was about a year ago and started out as expected. Needing a lawn mower and running a little short on cash I decided to check into their financing when I was asked, although I don’t generally finance such things. Anyway, I said yes when asked about applying for Sears/Citi credit on a $1300 mower. To the clerk’s but not my surprise it was approved and I was now the owner of a brand new Craftsman riding mower and $11,700 extra room on the credit extended by Sears and Citi with no interest for a year.
    Two months later I had replaced both mandrels on the mower at my own expense, not because I was turned down but me thinking since I had sort of tall grass when i first got the mower, maybe that was the cause of quick trouble to the deck of the mower. About the same time, I was hit for some kind of finance charge that was resolved easily enough and six months or so later, had replaced three more mandrels and paid off the mower. After some discussion between my wife and I, although we knew no mower would be bought by us from Sears, we decided there was no reason to count them off the list when we were looking for a new fridge and mattress/box springs. In the end we ended up buying both plus a dish washer a little over a month ago.
    This time though, things were not as smooth from the beginning. There were fliers on every bed touting two free pillows with the purchase of one of the higher end Sealy mattresses similar to this offer: “Receive FREE Double Zone pillows with the purchase of qualifying Sealy mattress sets Sold by Sears Offer ends 06-Jul-2013”, except even though our purchase was in May, we found out later, this offer ended in February!
    We then moved on to the Kenmore Elite fridge where we were impressed by the bottom freezer, Kenmore connect self diagnosing, and overall design. My wife by then had spotted a matching dish washer. I was bothered by the 3 month old fliers for the pillows so told the woman there was no way I was buying 4 or 5 thousand dollars worth of product at once without the free pillows. Her “boss” eventually said OK to the pillows but she would have to order them and the mattress set since they didn’t stock king size, so we made the purchase and got an extended warranty on the fridge.
    20 – 30 minutes later, after they had to call in someone to help me load the refrigerator and dish washer, came the next bother when I had BUY some string to tie them in the truck.
    A week later the tray of the ice-maker had cracked oddly enough and we called and the agent told us it was easy enough to change our self so she was sending the part. It came and after some effort and several tools to remove the old ice-maker, discovered it was the wrong part! The next phone call to Sears support line was not so easy, in that it took no less than six people to try and figure why WE had ordered the wrong part. It was hours later when I got a call back to say that our “case” had been escalated and we would now resolve this issue quickly and our repair would be done by a technician on Wednesday. Thursday i received another call to say our new part should arrive on Friday and a tech could come the following Tuesday or Thursday. Well, better late than never.
    In the mean time, about 2 weeks after the purchase, I got a call from the actual store where we bought saying they had only ordered and charged me for one box spring and to their surprise our king size mattress needed two. So $200 and another week later, i should have my new bed delivered for free. So Thursday and Friday pass and no bed. Saturday they say oh no it will be the following Thursday morning, there must have been a misunderstanding. ( At least with all this trouble and my glass half full attitude, we surely were about done). NO!
    Next, I get a call saying the delivery would need to be after 5 p.m. since they had another in my area, would that be alright. Yeah, sure, why not, I made arrangements to have someone there and it was delivered with a small twin pack of pillows for our new king size bed.
    Friday brought the other ice-maker part which is the same as the first wrong part.
    Saturday, now Sunday brings me to looking for a manual for my new refrigerator only to find Sears support site saying perhaps I should search for my model number in the parts search because my multiple searches for model number shows no results. In frustration I open a new tab and Google to find this site and laugh. After at least five more tries to find my manual though, I still had this tab open and type this. So with 4 rather large purchases, I have had at least twice that many problems and half that many are being used.
    By the way the year old mower sets in the back yard while we mow with another one bought since then.
    We installed the dish washer the same day as we bought it though and (fingers crossed) has worked fine.
    I now see these sites, especially this one, in a new light.

  40. John Says:

    Follow @DontShopSears on twitter

  41. smash Says:

    Oh my God Sears deserves to hang itself. At the very least, I wish the company would quit taunting the public with the belief that Sears might be a good location to buy a product. A year ago I purchased a high-end Kitchenaid slide-in range, for a fair sales price with a new Sears credit account to take advantage of their 18-month zero interest offer. Except for the almost three weeks delivery time, the rest of that transaction has been beautiful and the Kitchenaid product has been as terrific as I expected.
    Then, fast-forward about 11 months later to the week before Thanksgiving 2013, and I found myself frustrated with the lack of space available in my very nice Kitchenaid refrigerator. I looked around online for various styles of fridges and discovered “freezer-less” fridges by Frigidaire. This would be a perfect auxiliary garage fridge. The discovery of this product was made on the Sears Web site. I spent some time deliberating and also discovered Sears was again offering zero interest, this time for a period of 12 months, sold somewhat at a sales price compared to the normal listing price.
    So I placed my order. And, the really exciting thing happened when I discovered I could have the new thing delivered the very next day. I did it! And Sears delivered late the next afternoon. My God how exciting!
    Well when the delivery crew of three (Really? Efficiencies require three delivery people?) brought the product into my garage and removed the box, we found a big old dent in the upper portion of the right face of the fridge. The lead delivery person said I should contact Sears and I will probably receive a rebate in the form of 10 percent-off coupons on future purchases or something like that. Well that didn’t sound terrific to me, one because the machine could be affected internally somehow and two because I didn’t pay $1,600 for something that arrives damaged-on-delivery.
    Regardless, I slept on it, filled the fridge with loads of beer, wine and leftovers, and then decided I didn’t really care about the dent. Thanksgiving happened. Then it was Black Friday. I curiously checked Sears’ site to see if they were marking that model down. And, indeed they did by about $77.
    I printed my purchase receipt and the sales price and went to my local Sears store where I showed the appliance sales people how the price had changed in less than 48 hours, fully expecting to get a $77 refund. I was met with an incredibly rude attitude and the response that Sears corporate instructed all employees that there will be no honoring Black Friday sales prices for previous purchases. I asked for a manager, for which one was rudely offered, and he curtly provided the same attitude and answer.
    On the way home I called the number given on the Sears Web site, through which the same response was provided. When I escalated my question to a manager, a woman of whom I could barely understand, one with loads more attitude and rudeness than I had experienced in the store, sang the same song.
    I told her I wanted both she and Sears to clearly understand that unless they honor the sales price and refund the measly $77, I would return the product completely, dent and all, and they could just eat the whole $1,600.
    Sears apparently operates on a business model that I am way too stupid to comprehend because that fridge was picked up Sunday afternoon, following Thanksgiving, and the full refund was on my account within 24 hours, including delivery charge.
    I now own the exact same refrigerator model, purchased from an online appliance vendor, both tax-free and free delivery, and for less than the sales price at Sears, saving me a total of $491.
    Incredible journey to keep $500 in my pocket but I see no future in bothering with Sears, ever.

  42. Michelle Ortega Says:

    April 1, 2014: Sears still sucks. Runaround after runaround…. Problems,problems,problems…. Pray you never have to call for service. If you do, record everything. Multiple transfers to people whose command of English is questionable at best and who must be paid based on how long they can keep you on the phone. Today in frustration I went in person to the store with the “case number” one of the phone reps gave me. Was told basically that the case number does not reference anything in particular, I was right NOT to give my credit card number to a previous phone rep who requested it, and that Sears is going to keep fixing the same defective part (6th service call for this part) until the warranty is up. Whatever else you do, don’t get suckered into getting their credit card in order to get a discount on your appliance. Phone rang off the hook for months with offers to get a free consultation for roof,siding,etc. THEN they pulled a $3.68 “balance due” out of their ass after I paid off the card on the first billing cycle. Sears is dying and this is why. Learn from my mistake and look elsewhere.

  43. Ken Alexander Says:

    Get even not mad. My wife had a wonderful idea. Each time we are in the area of a Sears we go in and see how many people we can talk out of a purchase from Sears. Go into the high item areas and have a ball.

  44. I Hunter Says:

    Yes. Sears sucks. I bought a lawn mower in May 2015 and broke September 2015. Of course I didn’t buy service protection because its a replacement for my 20 year old Craftsman. Sears sucks

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