Don’t be fooled: It’s Sears

February 3, 2008

Not long after the washer ordeal, I looked into replacing our noisy dishwasher. I dropped into a Great Indoors store near my place of employment. Here, a salesman tried to talk me up from a $600 model to an $800 model. When I asked about installation, he said I’d have to talk to the Sears near my home! SEARS! Here’s the kicker. Once he knew I wouldn’t be buying from his store, he let me know that there’s really no difference between the $600 and $800 models. How Searsy of him.


Sears, Cancer and the flu.

November 21, 2006

The Flu

This story just keeps getting better.

Our trips to the laundromat were annoying, but some of our neighbors had pitched in and were letting us use their machines.

Unfortunately, the boys caught the flu. The kind of flu that sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. The kind of flu that sends you running for the toilet, but stops you at the bath mat. Splash! Toilet missed. Bath mat hit. Laundromat. Sears sucks.

We arranged to have Sears try to come out after part #4 arrives. Right now we’re looking at December 4th. One month after this thing broke. One month!

My wife and I have taken an almost zen like approach our friends at Sears. She’s done yelling, because it’s not doing any good. I’ve come to realize that Sears in kind of like a “differently abled” little kid. He’s not good at things, but he tries. You want to be mad at him, but you remember he’s Sears. Sears sucks and there’s nothing he can do about it. Poor little guy.

Wash This

November 21, 2006

When you sell someone a major appliance, that appliance becomes a part of their lives. It’s the reason manufacturers and retailers can make those commercials showing how wonderful life is once you’ve brought their products into your home. Warm hues, piano music, happy people. Isn’t life great?


November was going to be a tough month for me. On Monday, November 6th, I was scheduled to have surgery to remove all of the lymph nodes from my neck. Thyroid cancer, which had first appeared 10 years ago, was back with a vengeance. So when our Kenmore washer failed on Friday November 3rd, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Because of cancer? No, because this thing stopped working 5 days after the one-year parts & service warranty expired. On Saturday I scheduled a service call for Wednesday – the day after I would be returning home from the hospital. No better way to insure that someone would be home during the 4 hour window Sears promised.

Well my surgery became 2 surgeries, so I wasn’t home for the repair person. My wife and father took the call. Surprise, surprise. He did not have the parts to fix it. He ordered them and tried to make another appointment for the 20th. Wife & Dad, said, “How about the 14th instead.”

The parts arrived the next day. They sat in the house waiting for the next service call. There’s nothing like needing care from your family while they instead have to keep running to the laundromat. Sears Sucks.

Well, the 14th arrived but Sears didn’t. They claim they attempted to call to tell me that they had an emergency. I have cancer, I was home. There was no call. I called them after 5:00 and all they could do was promise me a visit in two days. Sears Sucks.

Well on Thursday, the men who had promised to arrive on Tuesday showed up. Three men for this job. After about 30 minutes, one of them asked me, “Are these all the parts?” As if I was hiding one of them for my appliance part collection. Oh, and there’s no happy ending after he asks you a question about parts. Part #4 is backordered. (Backordered… backordered… backordered… fancy echo effect.)


Why Sears Sucks

November 20, 2006


If you google Sears Sucks, you’ll get 390,000 results. I’m hardly breaking new ground here. What I’d like to do is tell you why I think Sears sucks, give you an opportunity to vent your spleen about Sears, and hopefully convince a few people to shop elsewhere.